Superestate Balanced Essentials offers members one of the lowest fees among balanced investment options in the market.*

Balanced Essentials is a low fee investment option that lets members have 10% of their super invested in our property portfolio.  

Fee comparison is based on information provided by SuperRatings. For full details on how our fees compare, check out the details here.

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*This is based on research conducted by SuperRatings Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 311880) at the request of Superestate which compared 376 balanced investment options using data current as at 31 Oct 2020.


This option suits those who are seeking growth but who wish to lower the risk of rapid changes in value over the short term. This option is designed to provide comparable levels of risk to the Balanced Property option and lower levels of risk than the Growth Property option, which may in turn produce lower levels of returns.

Investment Strategy

Superestate Balanced Essentials has a significant bias towards growth assets, such as Australian residential property, Australian and international shares with an offsetting allocation towards defensive assets such as fixed interest securities and cash.

Investment Objective

The Superestate Balanced Essentials investment option aims to outperform CPI + 2.0% over rolling 10-year periods

Minimum suggested time horizon: 7 Years
Level of investment risk: 6
Risk Label: High
Probability of a negative return: 4 to less than 6 in 20 years

Investment fee: 0.214% pa
Admin fee: 0.24% pa + $1.27 per week
Buy/Sell Spread: 0.53%/0.29%
Indirect Cost Ratio: 0.011% pa

These asset allocations may not be reflected in a particular portfolio at the time when you are selecting an investment option due to a possible temporary deviation from the stated asset allocations in these investment options.